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We are the leaders in Reverse Raffle non-profit fund raising in Texas. While we do not organize or conduct raffles, Toss'up Consulting is an organization which excels in teaching and assisting licensed authorize organizations to hold Reverse Raffles to maximize their PROFITS on each event, while incorporating fun with the highest standards of integrity. Each event is a social gathering uniquely designed to create fun, excitement, and profits for your Charity.
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Raffle Master

Raffle Master is an innovative computerized raffle system. Toss'up Consulting specifically designed the Raffle Master system for reverse raffles. This automated tool is the first in the industry that adds accountability and integrity at each event. Some features of the Raffle Master:
  · The Raffle Master system allows for advertising and sponsorship of the events.
  · Creates multiple security barriers for the highest level of integrity (chip check-in, no palming of chips, barcode reader for drawn chips)
  · Automation of all accounting and all audits

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